Who inv it the potato diet

By | August 10, 2020

who inv it the potato diet

Chris Voigt made national and international news when, for two whole months, he ate nothing but potatoes. From the start of October through November in , Voigt consumed only spuds, a few basic seasonings and small amounts of oil for cooking. Voigt documented his journey through a blog 20potatoesaday. Tired of potatoes getting a bad rap as being nothing but fattening starch and carbs, he wanted to make a statement that proved potatoes were very nutritious. Spudman caught up with Voigt to reflect on the diet and how public perception of potatoes is changing. It still kind of pops up. The whole purpose of that diet was to make a bold statement, to show that there is so much nutrition in potatoes that you could live off them if you had to. Literally, I just ate potatoes and nothing else. There were a few seasonings, but no gravy, no butter, no sour cream, and just little bit of oil for cooking. That was it. I was kind of hoping to be alive at the end of the 60 days, but actually I got healthier.

In late February, Kevin Smith shared with the world that he suffered a ” massive heart attack ” that came dangerously close to taking his life. According to Smith, doctors said he had to lose 50 pounds — and in order to do so, the director adopted the all-potato diet made famous by illusionist Penn Jillette in his book, Presto! In the diet, Jillette ate only potatoes for two full weeks, then phased in vegetable stews. Wear it on your sleeve, or in this case, smack dab in the center of your jersey. I believe, in this jersey, a man can fly! KevinSmith supergirl supergirlwriters. But once I get to a decent place, then I can think about eating again. Dena Champion, a registered dietician at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, said she would not recommend a potato-only diet to a recent heart attack victim — or to anyone trying to lose weight, for that matter. Daniel O’Shaughnessy, a registered nutritionist and registered nutritional therapist in the United Kingdom, was also skeptical of Smith’s post-heart attack diet.

The Potato Hack is not just for the overweight. You are supposed to eat potatoes, of course whenever you get hungry, and eat until you are full. Even though it ultimately worked for him, the potato diet is not the most sensible way to approach weight loss, Jillette admitted to USA Today in a interview. The Potato Hack is a short-term intervention days where one eats nothing but potatoes. You will also end up with micronutrient deficiencies. Chris Voigt, the Potato Commissioner of Washington State, spent 60 days eating 20 potatoes a day to try to prove that potatoes are healthier than people give them credit for. So, by doing the potato diet, you are naturally cutting out lots of unhealthy foods you might normally consume. Jillette eventually transitioned to a more traditional diet that focuses on “whole plants” and adopted a new workout routine after shedding all of that weight. This short mono-food experiment will strengthen your immune system and provide you with all of the nutrition you need to remain energetic, sleep great, and, as a side-effect, lose weight. The concept of eating potatoes for weight loss dates back all the way to

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