Water fast into keto diet

By | April 14, 2021

water fast into keto diet

Although fasting has existed for thousands of years, it has been rising in popularity over the past decade or so due to its various health benefits such as weight loss. Most people practice a hour water fast, and some people do it for ten days or more which is not recommended unless your doctor has permitted you. Although detoxing and weight loss are two of the primary reasons why a lot of people practice water fasting, it has already been practiced for thousands of years for religious and spiritual purposes. Some people like to spice up their water fast by creating naturally flavored water using fruits and herbs. Some examples include lemon and cucumber infused water, pineapple and lime infused water, and mint infused water. The reason they do this is to avoid cheating because of the plain taste of water and also to add the benefits of fruits and herbs to the water. The popular intermittent fasting protocols are OMAD one meal a day, fast: eat, and ratios. Some keto beginners often wonder if a hour fast before starting the keto diet will help them get into ketosis faster. In general, continuous water fasting is considered to be safe when done for hours maximum.

This buzzy regimen involves eating lots of fat and very few carbs, which puts your body into ketosis—a state wherein you start burning fat for fuel. That method is water fasting, or consuming nothing but water for extended periods of time. Some experts believe that by giving your body a break from digestion, it can kick your system into ketosis while freeing up energy for your cells to repair themselves. More on that in a minute. But while keto-style intermittent fasting involves taking around 12 hours off from eating, water fasting requires going days at a time fueled only by H2O. In return, say experts, more prolonged ketosis and a deeper level of cellular repair can occur. So why are some experts recommending it as an efficient route to healing?

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First of all — I sincerely love food and even more so love to cook. However, Eating 3 meals on Saturday was just way too much food. While many people say that you need to end a water fast with soft foods, we took a less traveled path of eating real food. And it was a huge success. And we consciously realized that going forward we need to adjust the way we fill our plates, eating less quantity overall. My first meal in 13 days. The classic wedge salad will always be my favorite! Know what this is??? Pretty awesome, huh?!? But the question is how much.

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