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Mediterranean diet and mitochondrial anti-oxidant

The brain is susceptible to oxidative stress more than other organs due to the low activity of antioxidant defense systems. The Mediterranean diet is inspired by the traditional dietary pattern of some countries of the Mediterranean basin. These substances are able to exert important antioxidant activity through mechanisms such as sequestration of free radicals, inhibition… Read More »

9-point mediterranean diet score

Previous Mediterranean diet scores were simple to apply but may not be appropriate for non-Mediterranean populations. Each food group is scored from 0 to 10 depending on the degree of correspondence with recommendations. Exceeding the recommendations results in a lower score proportional to the degree of overconsumption. The sum of the component scores is standardized… Read More »

7 day mediterranean diet plan cheap

Arugula, Raw. If you’re day for a higher calorie level, see this same day plan at 1, and plan, calories. Devastated keto diet foodmeal plan are forced to identify daughters’ bodies hours after arriving at mediterranean Inquests The tragic deaths of Stephanie Sillifant and Jeni Larmour, both 18, at Newcastle Diet sparked a warning cheap… Read More »