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When weight loss becomes dangerous

Healthy lifestyle campaigns have always emphasised the need to keep our weight within an acceptable range, and for good reason. Consequently, more is never always better. When it comes to weight-loss, having too much go too fast can constitute a legitimate health risk. Extreme weight-loss is defined as a loss of more than 1kg a… Read More »

What weight loss does to your face

Reduced amount of vitamin C can lead to thinning of the skin layers, reduction of collagen and elastin, and a decrease in muscle tone. One “advantage” of weight gain in the face is that it tends to fill out wrinkles and creases that come with age. HoveringGhostCarrot Report. Yes and no. Good for you! Taking… Read More »

With keto diet how much weight loss

One of the surest ways to improve self-esteem and reduce depression is to gain confidence in your body and physical appearance. To achieve such peace and comfort in your body, it may become necessary to study a little about weight loss. There are quite a few methods for achieving a slimmer and well-toned body. Techniques… Read More »

Keto diet one month weight loss

Some factors that can change how fast you see keto weight loss results are. I would be healthier, I would be happier, I would be stronger, I would be a person that Henry would be proud of. The likely case is your eating too many carbohydrates, maybe unknowingly. When I looked at the pictures later… Read More »