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Does diet have an effect on adhd

Hubbard RM L R. J Intellect Dev Disabil. Mix A contained the preservative plus the colorings sunset yellow, carmoisine, tartrazine, and ponceau 4R; mix B contained the preservative plus sunset yellow, carmoisine, quinoline yellow, and allura red AC. The assumption is that being sensitive to certain foods may cause or worsen symptoms of ADHD. This… Read More »

Can you have cuscus on the keto diet

Although many of these foods are keto-friendly from a fat, protein, and carb content perspective, they may not be optimal for overall health because they tend to be nutritionally inferior to pasture-raised animal products and wild caught seafood. This simple food list may be all you need as guidance to help you enter and maintain… Read More »

Can 2 year old have diet coke

I basically grew up drinking nothing else. Have stickers on all household cleaners. But it can cause a lot year long term problems that will can hard to diet rid of wants habits coke. Where did year get it? It obviously won’t kill coke. Other than the circumstance above I wouldn’t give my boys fizzy… Read More »