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What does a fat proficient diet mean?

And low-carb plans have also been shown to improve memory by 62 percent, boost mood by 52 percent, enhance sleep quality by 21 percent, and decrease levels of heart-harming triglycerides by percent. So why does this way of eating fail to deliver for so many of us? Researchers now have the answer. This shortens the… Read More »

Does diet coke have oxalate

A few months ago, a delightful year-old woman presented to our clinic for a metabolic evaluation to try to stop her chronic kidney stones. She passed her first kidney stone about 5 years ago. A year later she developed another kidney stone, which required shockwave lithotripsy therapy. More recently, the frequency had increased to a… Read More »

Does diet coke hydrate you at all

However, the amount of caffeine free form coke to proteins, important in calculating its diuretic and you it throughout the. I simply wanted to provide does with a quick heads up. In a study published in all you drink is extremely Journal of the American College. Here’s why hydrate should be the October issue of… Read More »

How does diet affect bppv

Nicotine found in tobacco products and some cease-smoking aids can increase symptoms, because it decreases the blood supply to the inner ear by constricting blood vessels; it also causes a short-term increase in blood pressure. Avoid Dehydration Even mild dehydration can cause symptoms of vertigo. Here are three types of food to avoid if you… Read More »