Cabbage soup diet work

By | October 16, 2020

cabbage soup diet work

On the plan, you can also eat a few other low-calorie foods—like any fruit except bananas, beef, vegetables, and skim milk—on specific days. As a result of the diet, your calorie count will drop so that you reach the calorie deficit needed for weight loss. The diet promises a pound weight loss by the end of the week. But it is unclear how many dieters actually stay on the diet long enough to enjoy that result. Protein and vegetables are a focus, but any weight lost is likely to be gained back. Plus, cutting food groups can lead to nutrient imbalances. This restrictive program has been popular among dieters for years, but its origins are unknown. The cabbage soup diet comes in a few different versions, but the basic premise is a recipe for homemade, fat-free cabbage soup and a list of specific, low-calorie foods to eat on different days in addition to the soup. The basic soup recipe includes a head of cabbage, canned tomatoes, onions, garlic, and other vegetables, along with broth, water, or tomato juice. The diet lasts for one week.

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