Bioavailibilty of iron in vegan diets

By | August 15, 2020

bioavailibilty of iron in vegan diets

Good news—you can still get more than enough iron on a vegan diet. There are common health concerns that people have when transitioning to or following a vegan diet. One of them is about getting enough iron. Both Wolfram and Halar also highlight the importance of vitamin C-rich foods. Vitamin C we recommend these helps enhance the absorption of iron from plant-based foods. A great trick to help enhance iron absorption while following a vegan diet is to combine foods that are high in iron. Fortunately, these combinations make for great meals, such as tofu and broccoli stir-fry or eating an orange after dinner. There are certain substances that hinder iron absorption. However, both Wolfram and Halar recommend only taking a supplement if your doctor or health care provider advises you to. Welcome to the guidebook to your healthiest life.

Meat also enhances non-haem iron absorption, but animal proteins milk protein, egg proteins and albumin inhibit iron absorption. I read a while back about distance running causing an iron deficiency…something about the pounding on the feet. This was 3 years ago, however, and nowadays I feel okay but am not sure whether my iron levels are high enough. Indeed Victor, research backs up your claim. Although the composition of vegetarian diets can vary as widely as that of nonvegetarian diets, for many vegetarians, the elimination of meat may be accompanied by increased consumption of dried beans and legumes, fruit and vegetables, and whole-grain rather than refined-grain products. In general, an increased health risk associated with high iron stores remains to be confirmed; however, this possibility, without an apparent increased frequency of iron deficiency anemia among vegetarians in Western countries, makes the benefit of supplementation without individualized assessment questionable. Marissa, I was reading that ferritin levels need to be above 40 to see a stop of hair loss.

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